Let’s chat about your personal brand for 2018…

How do you define your personal brand? Simply put, it’s a way for anybody to identify with you in a way that’s unique. It can come in various forms; it can be in a logo, a name, the way you dress or a catchphrase. For some, it may even be a combination of all these. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from everybody else in the world.

With that said, welcome to the wonderful world of Brand You, hosted by Zahrina Robertson. In this exciting show, you’ll learn how to discover, develop, and reflect your own personal brand throughout everything you do and everywhere you go. Find out how you can define your brand archetype and how to bring authenticity to your personal brand. Remember that a brand isn’t just any image or phrase; it sums up your identity. Stand out today with Brand You.

  1. The 10 Most Popular Personal Branding Tips
  2. How to Interpret Your Personal Brand Within a Joint Venture
  3. How to Reflect Your Personal Brand with Your Appearance
  4. How to Always Be Authentic with Your Personal Brand
  5. How to Discover Your Own Personal Branding Archetype
  6. What is Personal Branding & How to Develop it?