Our New Name Revealed…

In our last email we made a big announcement that got a lot of people talking.

In case you missed it, we mentioned that very soon we are going to be changing the name of our business and the name of our app.

This decision came after listening to your feedback.

Based on your suggestions, we expanded our vision until it was both groundbreaking and inspiring.

We decided our digital business advisor BRiN will remain an important feature, but will now serve a new purpose within a bigger vision.

After months of planning and preparation, we are finally able to reveal our new name…

Yes, it’s one word and a new word at that! We believe it clearly sums up and communicates our mission for the future.

You see, our goal within the next 5 years is to become ‘The Global Source of All Business Knowledge’ and ‘The World’s #1 Business School’.

Other aspirations include becoming ‘Netflix for Business’, ‘TED for Business’ and even ‘The New MBA’.

As you can see, we’re certainly thinking BIG!

Although Bizversity is about high-quality education, you’ll be pleased to know we don’t intend to become an actual university.

Why? Well, as you know, most university courses are slow, impractical, generic, expensive and yep, pretty boring.

We’re flipping that reality on it’s head and building Bizversity to be fast, practical, personal, affordable and of course, FUN.

With this as our focus, over the next two months we are making several subtle yet important changes.

First, it’s time to rename and rebrand from BRiN to Bizversity. Soon you’ll be notified to go to the Apple or Android App Store and download the new version.

After the rebrand, there is still a lot to come. We’ll reveal more in our next email so keep a close eye on your inbox.