Just one week to go!

Now just one week to go…

Just letting you know that things are going according to play.

We are excited to say that things are on track with the launch of the World’s First artificially Intelligent Business advisor.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the app and doing some last minute user testing before.

To explain further about the new release, our Founder and CEO Dale Beaumont has prepared a short video to tell us something about this new release and share how you can get involved to help make BRiN increasingly smarter and more capable.

After watching the video, we suggest that you go into the app one last itme and have a look around, because there are big changes coming up very soon.

By the way –

Also, just two days ago someone asked if all the content will still be available within the app, we are pleased to say that all we are doing with this release is improving the app, not taking anything away so you will still have access to over 600 tv quality business education videos but now you will have someone who can make personal recommendations and give you support that will enhance your learning experience.

All the content will remain and we are just as active in producing more and more content every day.