Interview with James English

After running our Leaderboard competition for several months we are excited to share with you an interview with one of the people who have consistently made the top 10!

James English has been in the parking industry for over 20 years but has been using BRiN to take his Business to new heights! After watching shows like Courageous Leadership, The Human Element and Grow Your Business, James has noticed significant improvements, not only in his own leadership style at work but also his family life at home. His company culture has improved and his whole business is benefiting from it!

What do you love most about using BRiN?

I love being able to access a diverse range of topics from the BRiN app and being able to consume bite sized chunks information.

What is your favourite show and why?

Picking my favorite series is tough, with so many to choose from and because I like to have abroad learning experience, rather than focusing on just one topic to learn each month. With a focus on becoming a better leader and growing my businesses, Top Gun Sales (and Top Gun Sales Management), The Human Element, Courageous Leadership and Grow your Business have all featured heavily in my playlist.

What are your 3 favourite episodes and why?

My standout, favorite episode would have to be “How to Find the Balance Between Work and Play”, presented by Dr Adam Fraser. This has helped me tremendously with transitioning from a business mindset during the day, to family man and fun dad at home. A work in progress, but progress for a workaholic that cannot turn off.

Which do you prefer audio or video. Why?

My prefered method of using BRiN is audio because it is so easy to use when driving, but I love the fact I can hope out of the car and switch to video mode without right where the audio was upto.

How do you find the time to fit BRiN into your daily life?

It’s amazing how much time is wasted driving to and from work, between meetings or flying about, so I have made a conscious effort to utilise this time by listen to my BRiN playlist and it’s paying off!

What features would you like to see added in the future?

I’ve submitted a few, my most recent was to upgrade the playlist ordering function to group shows in the same series together. An area to see my favorite episodes would also be great allowing users to go back and relisten to something that really resonated with them. Another great feature would be ‘Offline mode’ where your playlist is downloaded when you’re connected to WiFi allowing you to watch/listen when you’re out and about.

What have you changed in your business as a result of using BRiN?

The biggest change is in myself. I am using BRiN as part of my continual improvement and education as a entrepreneur, business owner and leader. The changes I have seen is an improved company culture, improved approach and techniques in leadership, improved approach to a range of situations in sales, staffing issues, team management, work methods and work/life balance.

We trust you will enjoy reading this story! Look out for lots more new content coming out soon and remember to check the app to see the great content we have just launched.