“With a powerful set of features, it’s no wonder so many people love BRiN.”

Before building BRiN we interviewed hundreds of busy entrepreneurs, about what they liked and didn’t like about current learning models. From YouTube to Podcasting, Facebook to Forums we listened and we began modelling trends based on a rapidly changing world. With these insights we set out to design an entirely new learning experience. The result, a powerful set of features that will fast-track your business success. Plus we have even more exciting features just around the corner, so it’s fair to say ‘this is just the begining’.

Features Available Now

Introducing BRiN

Meet and learn from your personal business advisor

Ask BRiN

Ask and get the answers to 5,000+ business questions

Made for Mobile

Now everyone can have their own advisor in their pocket

TV Quality Content

Every video has been created with the highest quality

Useful Categories

With 80 topics to choose from you’ll find what you need

Advanced Search

Find the training you are looking for in milliseconds

Includes 1000 Videos

Access the largest library of videos for business owners

Need Motivation?

BRiN is programed with hundreds of Jokes & Quotes

Add to Your Playlist

Find the content you care about and add it to your list

Edit Your Playlist

Change your mind? Simply re-order your list anytime

Remember My Place

Start, stop and start again without skipping a beat


Seamlessly switch between video and audio anytime

Choose Your Speed

In a hurry? Now you can learn in double (2x) speed

Choose Your Quality

Simply tap to reduce video quality and save your data

BRiN Feature - Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

See at a glance what content will be of most benefit

Share with Friends

Tap one button to share any video with your friends

20+ Videos Weekly

20+ Videos Weekly

Brand-new content uploaded each and every week

250 Business Experts

Access the knowledge from hundreds of experts