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Discover how to Know Your Numbers

If you want to succeed in business there is no way around it ー you have to know your numbers.

The Making of BRiN…

As you may know, two years ago we set out on a mission to positively impact the lives of millions of business owners around the world.

10 Cool BRiN Features

Only power-users know all of these awesome features that we have built into BRiN.

Interview with James English

James is one of BRiN’s top users! He has consistently been in our top 10 users of each month and in March 2017 he topped the Leaderboard in the #1 position!

The AI Disruption or the Take Aways? What to Focus On

Why focus too much on the digital disruption instead of the takeaways? Here’s what Box CEO Aaron has to say about artificial intelligence. Read more…

Technology, Why it’s Key to Raising Productivity

Small businesses need to adapt to new innovation and technology. How you stay in the game is a different story. So how do you start? Read more…

Why AI Should Creep Into Your Business

There are a lot of misconceptions about Artificial Intelligence, but it’s an exceptional tool entrepreneurs should take advantage of. Read more…

What AI is About & Why you should STOP Worrying

Demis Hassabis, Google AI project head say’s you shouldn’t worry about AI. In fact, he rebuked the comments made by Musk & Gates about AI. Read more…

Just one week to go!

We are excited to say that things are on track with the launch of the World’s First artificially Intelligent Business advisor.

The AI Surge & its Business Transformation

Today, we are witnessing increasing instances of artificial intelligence (AI) but the question is, are you future ready? Let’s find out. Read more…