Young Entrepreneurs – Brand New Series

Here at BRiN headquarters, we’re always thinking of new and interesting ways to inspire, inform and educate our global community of small business owners.

Our latest release is a brand new, completely exclusive series, which is available now on BRiN, The World’s First Business Advisor in Your Pocket.

Presented by award winning entrepreneur Yvette Adams, this insightful series will give you a look inside some of the brightest new entrepreneurial minds.

Young Entrepreneurs is already making waves in local communities, with not one, but TWO media articles already published. You can check them out here and here.

Here’s some background info about this series to get you excited :)

What is Young Entrepreneurs about?

Young people have been hustling for cash for decades! In the past they have had to source funds from their parents or from whatever part time job they can put their hand up for.

With the advent of technology, more awareness about entrepreneurship and an influx of support to help them get started, more young people are treading their own paths and starting a business for themselves.

While their friends are walking the shopping centres, gaming, watching movies, and off playing sports, the young entrepreneurs we introduce you to on BRiN are busy running serious businesses, with some seriously good entrepreneurial ideas.

The new series Young Entrepreneurs says YES to young people with good ideas and gives them the airtime they deserve. We know anybody who watches the show will be inspired to start a business or grow what they have already started.

Be prepared to marvel at the amazing ideas, tenacity and ability to achieve great things at such a young age.

Who are the entrepreneurs featured on the show?

The Young Entrepreneurs are from widespread locations and are involved in a diverse range of businesses. All have runs on the board and are making a significant impact of some kind. Some have called in the help of their parents, friends and even siblings to get their businesses up and running, others are flying solo.

Many of the guests on the show are also either still at school, Uni or TAFE and juggling the demands of their study with their entrepreneurial endeavours, whilst still trying to maintain a social life. The one thing they have in common is that they all started with a simple idea.

Who hosts Young Entrepreneurs?

Presenter Yvette Adams is a serial entrepreneur, multi-award winning business woman and mother of two.

She has started six businesses, the first a newspaper when she was just 17, and two of which she has since sold. She currently runs three businesses – The Creative Collective – a crowdfunding & digital marketing agency; The Training Collective – a digital skills training organisation, and – an online portal which helps people find business awards to enter.

Yvette is a twice-published author and is regularly called on as a media commentator and keynote speaker, facilitator and MC for events all over Asia Pacific. Her most recent book is about kids and technology. Called ‘No Kidding – Why Our Kids Know More About Us Than Technology and What We Need To Do About It’, it is available online and from all good bookstores.

In 2015 Yvette was recognised for making a significant contribution to science and innovation in Queensland and was included on the department’s Queensland Science and Innovation Champion Hall of Fame. More recently she was named a Digital Champion by the Queensland Government.

She has a passion for supporting causes involving technology, entrepreneurship, education and, of course – youth!.

What can I expect to learn from watching this series?

In short, you can expect to feel inspired! Through the filming we were laughing and crying at the heart-warming stories of all our guests. But mostly we were in total awe of their guts and determination.

In all episodes you will get a sense of the person behind the business, how they came up with the business idea, what their first steps were, when they felt like things were taking off and some of the challenges they encountered along the way. You’ll also gain insights into how they achieved business success – from using certain technology, to marketing their business, getting the right advice, getting the right people to help them, manufacturing products and more.

The people showcased on Young Entrepreneurs are bold, creative and very resourceful. With little to no initial funds, business experience or contacts, the feats and stories of these young people are sure to impress even the hardest of critic.

So sit back and welcome the youthful inspiration and business lessons these young entrepreneurs have to offer. If they can do it, so can you!

How can I access Young Entrepreneurs?

Via BRiN, the World’s First Business Advisor in Your Pocket, which is available for free from the App Store. Simply search for ‘BRIN’.

Once you have opened the app, click on “Training” from the main menu, then select ‘Shows’ and tap on ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ from the dropdown.

We are really excited to bring you this new, exclusive show! We hope that you find it inspiring and are able to leverage the lessons learned by our Young Entrepreneurs to advance your own business.